Tesla on autopilot crashes into tree, kills two people

Tesla crash aftermath.


A Tesla Model S on autopilot crashed into a tree in Texas — killing two men inside and sparking a massive fire that took firefighters four hours to douse, according to reports.

“No one was driving,” Harris County Constable Mark Herman told KPRC-TV Sunday.

The deadly smash-up happened Saturday night in The Woodlands, a neighborhood in Houston.

The fully electric 2019 Tesla was driving in a cul-de-sac when it failed to navigate a turn and sped into nearby woods — striking a tree, with the collision igniting the car’s batteries, reports said.

The blaze continued to burn for hours, with firefighters pumping more than 20,000 gallons of water onto the flames before they were put out, USA Today said in a report.

The Tesla was on autopilot when it failed to navigate a turn and sped into the nearby woods.

When the flames were doused authorities said they found the bodies of two men inside the vehicle — one in the front passenger’s seat and one in the rear passenger’s seat.

Tesla crash aftermath.
The Tesla crash sparked a massive fire, killing the two people inside the vehicle.

The vehicle owner’s brother-in-law said he had taken the car out with a spin with a friend when it lost control and crashed — with relatives watching in anguish as the flames burned for our outside the home, according to KPRC.


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