Kenan Is Walking “Junk Mail” in Hilarious Kenan Sneak Peek

Kenan Learns About the

Kenan (Kenan Thompson) is now all-too familiar with being an influencer.

In a new clip from Tuesday’s Kenan, exclusive to E! News, Kenan wears an outrageous suit filled with sponsors’ logos in effort to boost advertising revenue for the TV station behind his show. The annual “Wednesday’s Gal” wedding segment is a prime target for ads, and phrases like “honeymoon” and “I do” linked to sponsors. It seems like a great plan from manager Mika (Kimrie Lewis)—that is, until the questionable products come to light.

“It’s cute. You look like a really accomplished Girl Scout,” Tami (Taylor Louderman) encourages Kenan.

“Nah, he looks like he’s going to a NASCAR funeral,” Pam (Fortune Feimster) counters.

“I look like junk mail,” Kenan reluctantly admits.

With businesses advertising an array of sketchy products like a water-flavored cocktail with 75 percent alcohol to diaper thongs, it’s clear Kenan isn’t too keen about who the station is advertising. Will Kenan confront Mika, or will he go on-air in that ridiculous outfit?

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