Gianna Simone Reveals What’s In Her Bag

Gianna Simone Reveals What's In Her Bag

Gianna wholeheartedly believes that “feeling out best starts with what we feed ourselves,” but not she’s not just talking about what we eat. She emphasizes the importance of feeding ourselves “with food, with care, with what we watch, read, listen to and speak into existence.” 

Gianna makes sure to “speak in positives rather than negatives,” which she says involves “saying what I want rather than saying what I don’t want.” In addition to dispensing some solid advice, Gianna also shared her go-to items that she keeps in her handbag, which is a Stella McCartney Micro Crossbody Bag, in case you were curious.

Check out Gianna’s favorite hair brush, chapstick, natural deodorant, facial mist, and more vegan and cruelty-free products.

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