COVID-19: Calgary rally joins worldwide anti-lockdown protests – Calgary

People hug at a Calgary rally protesting COVID-19 restrictions on March 20, 2021.


Demonstrators from across Alberta defied COVID-19 restrictions and gathered at Calgary’s Prince’s Island Park to protest pandemic public health restrictions on Saturday.

The rally joined others across Canada and many more around the world, organized for March 20.

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“That’s what you’re seeing around the world. People want to be represented, and right now, that isn’t happening,” said Walk for Freedom organizer Brad Carrigan.

Carrigan announced Saturday he has formed a new federal political party, the New Federation Party of Canada.

The City of Calgary had put up a fence to protect the area around Prince’s Island Park’s mainstage but that didn’t stop protesters.

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“As this is an unauthorized event without a permit, the City of Calgary has taken a preventive measure to protect the assets on site, including the stage and grounds,” a City of Calgary spokesperson said in a statement.

People hug at a Calgary rally protesting COVID-19 restrictions on March 20, 2021.

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Police opened a portion of the gate before the rally, acknowledging it wasn’t going to stop protesters.

“Calgary police’s role is to keep the peace and to ensure people’s ability to conduct a peaceful protest,” said Staff Sgt. Gerry Murtagh.

Police said there were no arrests or tickets handed out at the rally.

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