Vito Fossella’s former mistress Laura Fay is now a ‘Christian life coach’

Vito Fossella and his mistress Laura Fay.


She was the mistress who helped end a Congressman’s career and now she wants to help you turn your life around.

Laura Fay, a retired Air Force colonel whose affair and secret love child with Rep. Vito Fossella led to his political downfall in 2008, is now a Christian life coach.

“If you’re struggling in an area of life or you find yourself in a situation in which you want to present yourself well, I can help you,” Fay says in a video on her website.

The 58-year-old Virginia resident says she helps her clients find “clarity, courage and confidence moving forward.”

Fay had a very charitable view of her former lover, who announced on Tuesday he will seek the Republican nomination for Staten Island borough president.

“I wish his family well, I hope he runs and wins,” Fay told The Post.

Fossella, 56, has said that he and wife Mary Pat had reconciled and that he believed “in second chances.”

Vito Fossella and his mistress Laura Fay’s child on the cover of the New York Post.

Fay’s second act, after her 2006 retirement from the military and a stint as a consultant doing career coaching, was to get certification as a “Christian life coach.”

“I invite Christ into our coaching conversation and He does the ‘heavy lifting.’ I’m a helper, using all I’ve been given,” Fay says on her Linkedin profile.

She counts her “spiritual gifts” as “faith, leadership, encouragement and discernment.”

Fay started the business in 2015, the profile says, seven years after the shocking news that Fossella, a Republican representing Staten Island and south Brooklyn and a married father of three, had a secret second family with the attractive blonde.

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The affair came to light in May 2008 after Fossella called Fay to bail him out of jail after he was arrested on a drunk driving charge near her home. Fossella told cops he was on his way to see his sick daughter — a child no one knew he had.

The Congressman was forced to admit that he fathered the girl, then 3, with Fay, who once worked as a military liaison to Congress.

The scandal earned Fossella the nickname “Cheato Vito” and landed Fay on the cover of the tabloids.

Laura Fay, the mother of Vito Fossella’s love child is now a Christian life coach.
Laura Fay, the mother of Vito Fossella’s love child, is now a Christian life coach.

Fossella decided not to seek another term in Congress in 2008 and was sentenced to five days in a Virginia jail for DWI.

Fay would not comment on whether she receives child support from Fossella saying only “he has a relationship with our daughter and has been a wonderful father to our daughter.”

Fossella refused to comment.

Additional reporting by Jon Levine


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