Morgan Stewart Gets Brutally Honest About Breastfeeding

Morgan Stewart Gets Brutally Honest About Breastfeeding

Morgan Stewart is giving us some Necessary Realness about breastfeeding.

On Tuesday, March 9, the Daily Pop and Nightly Pop co-host took to Instagram to give an update on her breastfeeding journey with infant daughter Row Renggli McGraw. Her candid confession came about after a follower, who said they were “struggling” with breastfeeding, asked how new mom Morgan was “handling things.”

And, in typical Morgan fashion, the former #RichKids of Beverly Hills star gave a very candid response. “Yes—I am breastfeeding/pumping,” Morgan said on her Instagram Story. “It was definitely very hard in the beginning because I obviously had no idea what I was doing…Full on bloody and cut nips…that eventually healed (THANK GOD).”

Still, Morgan made it clear that she didn’t rule out using formula. “If things didn’t take a turn for the better I would have totally just done formula,” she added. “However you choose to feed your baby is ALLLLL GOOD.”

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