Racehorse dope dealer sentenced to 18 months in prison

The performance-enhancing drugs for horses included “blood builders,” which are used by trainers to increase a horse's red blood cell count to help improve their endurance.

A racehorse dope dealer who pleaded guilty to running a years-long performance-enhancing drug distribution outfit was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison on Tuesday.

Scott Robinson, 48, of Tampa, Florida, will also have to turn over more than $3 million and face three years of supervised release as part of his punishment for the distribution ring, the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York said.

“Scott Robinson created and profited from a system designed to exploit racehorses in the pursuit of speed and prize money, risking their safety and wellbeing,” US Attorney Audrey Strauss said. 

“Robinson sold unsanitary, misbranded, and adulterated drugs, and misled and deceived regulators and law enforcement in the process,” she added.

Robinson was arrested in a wide-ranging racehorse doping bust that netted some 27 suspects in March of last year.

He helped other suspects carry out the conspiracy by delivering chemicals used to create performance-enhancing drugs that were shipped to horse trainers across the country, including in New York.

The drugs included “blood builders,” which are used by trainers to increase a horse’s red blood cell count to help improve their endurance.

Robinson also purposefully mislabeled and misidentified drugs that were marketed and sold to trainers from websites that he operated.

In at least one case, a trainer who gave his steeds the fake drugs reported that they acted heavily sedated after the dose.

“Starting bout 8 hours after I give the injection and for about 36 hours afterwards both my horses act like they are heavily sedated, can barely walk. Could I have a bad bottle of medicine, I’m afraid to give it anymore since this has happened three times,” the trainer wrote on Robinson’s site.

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Robinson wrote back: “here is another one.”

A trainer reported his horse acted heavily sedated after consuming a dose of Scott Robinson’s performance-enhancing drugs.
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