Family lawyer of beheaded French teacher ‘angry’ over student’s lies

Family lawyer of beheaded French teacher 'angry' over student's lies

Beheaded French teacher Samuel Paty’s family lawyer is “angry” over the revelation that a 13-year-old girl spread lies that led to his murder — and dissatisfied with the explanations given so far.

Virginie Le Roy, who represents the Paty family, said she doesn’t buy the teen’s excuse that peer pressure was part of the reason why she lied about Muslim students being asked to leave teacher’s class during a lesson at the school west of Paris.

“This explanation does not satisfy me, it makes me a little angry because the facts are serious, dramatic,” she told RTL radio, Agence France-Press reported.

The girl, who has not been named, said that Paty, 47, dismissed the Muslim students so he could show the class a controversial cartoon of Prophet Muhammad.

But she later fessed up that she was not present for the lesson and had spread the bogus story in order to please her father, who then filed a complaint against Paty.

“Everything in the investigation showed very early that she lied,” Le Roy said.

She said she was “skeptical” of the version of events now being recounted by the girl — particularly her claiming that other classmates had asked her to “be their spokesperson.”

“A spokesperson of what? Of lies, of events that never happened?” Le Roy said told the radio station.

The girl’s father mounted a social media campaign at the time against Paty for showing the blasphemous image, which is considered by Muslims to be highly offensive.

As the backlash grew against the teacher, he was murdered by an 18-year-old extremist, Abdullakh Anzorov.

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The girl’s lawyer on Monday claimed that she lied “because she felt caught up in a chain of events.”

“There was a real uneasiness, she felt obliged to add to it to make this message stand out,” attorney Mbeko Tabula said, Euro News reported.

Tabula confirmed she wasn’t there on the day of the classroom incident — chalking up her absence to her being out sick.

But the girl apparently had been suspended the day before and didn’t want her father to know about the punishment, French newspaper Le Parisien reported.

The girl has been charged with slander, while her father was arrested on suspicion of being complicit in a terrorist killing, the Independent reported.

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