Would Prince William Leave the Royal System? Prince Harry Says…

Would Prince William Leave the Royal System? Prince Harry Says...

Prince Harry isn’t sure if Prince William would follow in his footsteps by stepping away from the royal family.

On Sunday, March 7, millions of people around the world watched the Duke of Sussex and his wife Meghan Markle sit down for a rare interview with Oprah Winfrey. While many viewers are still talking about the bombshells made in the two-hour special, more clips are surfacing that shed light on Prince Harry and Prince William’s current relationship.

In a new clip shared on CBS This Morning, Oprah asked if any family members have apologized to Prince Harry and Meghan. The answer may surprise you.  

“The feeling is that this was our decision,” Prince Harry explained. “Therefore, the consequences are on us. And despite three years of asking for help and seeing or visualizing how this might end, it’s been really hard. I’m part of the system with them. I always have been. I’m very aware of this that my brother can’t leave that system, but I have.”

When Oprah asked if Prince William does in fact want to leave the system, Prince Harry said he simply didn’t know.

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