Will the Royals React to Meghan & Harry’s Tell-All? What to Expect

Will the Royals React to Meghan & Harry's Tell-All? What to Expect

As for where Harry’s relationship with his brother stands today, Harry told Oprah he’ll always love William. “I love William to bits. He’s my brother,” Harry said. “We’ve been through hell together. I mean, we have a shared experience. But we—you know, we’re on—we’re on different paths.

Harry also reflected on his relationship with his dad and how Charles reacted to news of his and Meghan’s royal exit. Before Meghan and Harry stepped down as senior royals in Jan. 2020, there were many months of discussions behind the scenes. It was amid these negotiations that Harry claims his father stopped taking his calls.

“He asked me to put it in writing,” Harry explained, “and I put all the specifics in there, even the fact that we were planning on putting the announcement out on the 7th of January.” 

As for why Charles temporarily stopped taking his calls, Harry said it was because he was taking matters into his own hands. “It was like, I need to do this for my family,” he added. “This is not a surprise to anybody. It’s really sad that it’s gotten to this point, but I’ve got to do something for my own mental health, my wife’s, and for Archie’s, as well, because I could see where this was headed.”

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