See C.T.’s Transformation on The Challenge Over the Years

See C.T.'s Transformation on The Challenge Over the Years

Eighteen seasons. Four disqualifications. Three wins. $515,000 in the bank. A whole lot of diapers purchased. Such is Chris “C.T.” Tamburello‘s time on The Challenge.

Since his first appearance on the MTV’s reality competition series in 2004, the Boston native has quite simply dominated the show—in more ways than one. Athletic, brash, confident and very quick-tempered, during C.T.’s early years you never quite knew which version of The Real World: Paris star was showing up for a Challenge. He was either going to crush it or crush his chances by getting booted for violating house rules.

But over the years, C.T. has settled down and fans have watched as he’s experienced love and loss with the late Diem Brown, become a father and a husband, and gone from ripped 23-year-old who was more than OK to be sent home for fighting to a 40-year-old with a self-proclaimed “dad bod” looking to earn some cash to buy diapers. 

And C.T. is currently competing for his fourth win on Double Agents, finally getting his chance to go into an elimination to win his gold skull to run T.J. Lavin‘s final. (Yes, you have to call it that.)

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