Dubai Police rescue family after father threatens to blow up house – News

Dubai Police rescue family after father threatens to blow up house - News

The man was found with a lighter and an open gas cylinder.

The Dubai Police have rescued a woman, her three children and their maid after the woman’s husband threatened to commit suicide by blowing up the house with a cooking gas cylinder.

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According to police sources, the wife called the police after receiving a call from their maid while she was at work. The maid told the wife that her husband, who had some psychological issues, had bought a gas cylinder and was threatening to blow up the house. She instructed the maid to take her three children to a neighbours’ house.

A team from Al Rashidiya Police Station headed by director Brigadier Saeed bin Sulaiman rushed to the villa, where they found the father holding a lighter and an open gas cylinder in a disturbed state.

According to Brig Sulaiman, the man calmed down after nearly two hours of negotiation and allowed an officer to approach him to remove the gas cylinder from his possession and close it.

The police also said that the wife had confirmed that her husband has a serious psychological disorder that he had previously undergone treatment for.

The mother, the three children and the maid are currently safe and secure.

Afkar Abdullah

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