Alex Porat’s ‘Girlfriend’ Flips The ‘Perspective’ On Commitment – Hollywood Life

Alex Porat’s ‘Girlfriend’ Flips The ‘Perspective’ On Commitment – Hollywood Life

Sick of the ‘double standard’ that exists with men and avoiding commitment, singer Alex Porat gets ‘ruthless’ on these boys with the enchanting new track ‘girlfriend.’

Alex Porat has just one question at the start of her new song: “why are you calling me your girlfriend?” Over the course of “girlfriend,” a new slice of pop goodness from the Toronto singer, Alex inverts the sad-but-true trope of boys refusing to commit to a relationship after sex. Instead of her pining over a boy who won’t call her back, Alex is the one with “16 missed calls because I made your earth quake.” The sharp satire put boys on blast over how they mistreat women after a hookup, and Alex – through her clever lyrics – gives these men a taste of their own medicine. It’s a delightful bit of pop that showcases Alex’s seductive vocal skills.

“ ‘girlfriend’ is a flipped perspective of the guy that always wants to act like a boyfriend but doesn’t want to commit,” Alex tells HollywoodLife. “While writing this song, I kept thinking, ‘wow, is this kind of ruthless to say?’, knowing that guys get away with it all the time, only further proving to me that a double standard exists, even in my own brain. Writing a fun song that also delivers a serious message is what keeps me going, and I’m so happy to finally have it out.”

Call her your favorite singer, but don’t call Alex Porat your ‘girlfriend’ (Sise Drummond)

“I always found it so annoying how guys could get away with doing the most relationship-like things and acting like a boyfriend but then turn around and say that they are not in a relationship,” she says in a press release for the new song. “girlfriend” continues to showcase the strength of Alex’s songwriting that she displayed on bad at breakups, her debut EP. The four-track EP – “forgot to forgive,” “happy for you,” “only hanging out cause I’m lonely” and “never say ily again” – was, as she describes it, a “concept-focused” release. This new song, however, signifies a new direction for this rising star.

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First gaining attention by the tried-and-true path of posting pop covers on YouTube, Alex soon developed a dedicated following. After just a year of putting out original music, she’s amassed more than 1.1 million monthly Spotify listeners, and she’s slowly reaching 1 million subscribers on YouTube (she still posts covers, including a recent rendition of Olivia Rodrigo’s “Drivers License.”) While 2020 slowed her ascent to superstardom, it didn’t stop it. She ended the year with a livestream performance in collab with YouTube Music’s Foundry global artist development project.

As 2021 continues to pick up steam, so does Alex as she resumes her rise to being the bedroom pop star of your dreams. Just don’t call her your “girlfriend.”

“girlfriend” is out now.

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