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Abu Dhabi Police on Monday shared a nostalgic video of the UAE’s founding father proudly overseeing the graduation of the emirate’s first police squad.


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The video, posted on the authority’s official social media accounts, features a retired major of the force taking a trip down memory lane to recount his experience as a young cadet over 50 years ago.

His narrative is interwoven with sepia images clips of the late Sheikh Zayed at the graduation ceremony, where cadets can be seen standing tall and proud as the visionary leader walks by.

Speaking to the camera, Major Abdullah Muhammad Al-Maamari related, “I joined Abu Dhabi Police on July 14, 1968, and underwent training at the Police School in Abu Dhabi, which is currently called the Police College.”

Their training lasted six months, and the cadets graduated on this day, 52 years ago. “February 22, 1969,” recalls Al-Maamari, with precision.

According to the retired major, the course was named ‘Zayed 1st Squad’, because the beloved UAE Ruler was the patron of the course.

“All the cadets in the course were happy and proud of Sheikh Zayed’s presence to graduate them,” he added.

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