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This Flameless Lighter For Candles Is Safe, Easy And Less Than $28 – Hollywood Life

Throw away that pack of matches & trade them for this flameless electric lighter! With over 7,000 reviews, you’ll see why you’re never going to want to light another candle the old fashion way again!

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Like most other things these days, we’re always looking for a more efficient and high-tech alternative to completing simple daily tasks. Speaking of simple, believe it or not, even lighting a candle in your home could be done more easily and in a safer way than by a flame from traditional lighters and matches. Check out this electric, flameless lighter that over 7,000 people are talking about that could change the way you light or heat things – and for under $30!

Shop this REIDEA electric candle lighter here for just $28!

Safe, economical, and just downright awesome, this electric lighter is just what your home needs. It doesn’t require gas or lighter fluid, and is totally flame-less! This lighter has the ability to heat things to a high temperature in a very short time, and since it’s made of a Zinc-alloy combination material it heats up rapidly and then cools back down very quickly after every single use. Use it to light candles, fray fabrics, or even light outdoor tiki torches or fire pits without worrying about any wind! Like most wireless and electric things, this lighter has a one-time charge feature that keeps it energized for up to 60 uses, and can be charged over 300 times total before reaching usage capacity. Now THAT’s efficient!

When it comes to actually charging the lighter, it couldn’t be easier since it’s designed for a USB charge and comes with a USB cable for your convenience. Just plug it into the power of any USB port, throw on the “safe lock” button right next to the lighter’s blue LED light, and leave it to charge for as long as you need! Plus, this lighter’s fool-proof design includes a non-slip, easy to use on and off switch. Simply power it “on” by sliding the power button forward easily with any finger, and use it to light whatever. The non-slip grip on the exterior protects from any clumsy hands, moisture, or anything that might cause a fumble. If you don’t believe this lighter’s magic, then just check out the over 7,000 reviews that mostly happy customers have left after purchasing! One gushed “Yes yes yes. The answer is yes – you need this, yes it’s awesome, yes it’s eco friendly. I am so pleased with my purchase of this handy dandy little gadget. As an avid candle user this is KEY! Always stumbling through drawers to find a lighter that works, that’s not out of lighter fluid and having that dreaded click click click from being used up – you won’t have that problem anymore!”

The secret is out! Get your hands on this flame-less, and danger-less electric lighter for under $30 today!

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This Flameless Lighter For Candles Is Safe, Easy And Less Than $28 – Hollywood Life
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