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Shows Buff Body In Gym Video & Pic – Hollywood Life

Drake’s having the best ‘bounce back story’ following his Oct. 2020 knee surgery. He’s spent so much time in the gym with physical therapy that Drizzy is now completely ripped in a new workout video.

After undergoing knee surgery in Oct. 2020, Drake has been going full throttle when it comes to physical therapy and getting back to total fitness. He gave fans a photo and video update on how things are going during a late night PT session in his sweet Toronto home gym on Jan. 12, which he posted to his IG stories. Drake could be seen in the video doing a series of squats while holding a 70 pound custom dumbbell. Yes, custom…as it had the owl that is his OVO company logo on it, and boy is Drake now buff!

The God’s Plan singer took deep breaths as he held the dumbbell and chest level and did half-squats up against a knee-bar, with his bulging biceps and delts on display. He had on a black t-shirt with a tank top over it featuring his signature number, “6.” The next IG stories photo was even more impressive. The 34-year-old took off the tank to show the t-shirt clinging to his chest, where six-pack abs could be seen rippling through the fabric. Drizzy hasn’t looked this cut since he took up boxing in late 2018.

Drake held up his arms and flexed his muscles on either side, which of course helped his core pop. He had a big smile on his face, as the singer is clearly proud of how he’s transforming all of his body beyond just getting his knee back to full strength. Over the video of him doing squats, Drizzy wrote, “10 weeks post op and I’m grinding for it everyday.” And boy does it show!

Drake is starting 2021 with a buff new body after plenty of grueling physical therapy following Oct. 2020 knee surgery. Photo credit: SplashNews.

No wonder Drake is so happy to be back in the gym, as he was sidelined after knee surgery. On Oct. 30, he shared an IG stories photo looking down a luxurious bed with a big brace around his right knee. While he didn’t explain what caused the injury, Drake later posted a message that read, “I actually want to use this post to send love and motivation to anybody else that 2020 let loose on….Start writing the best bounce back story NOW.” If 2020 dragged Drizzy down with injury, 2021 is starting off very nicely with his buff body.

Drake’s “bounce back” story is sure coming along nicely. Not only is his knee looking strong again with his squats, he appears to have been doing plenty of upper body work in the meantime to keep fit while having to go easier on his leg. With the new IG video and photo, he also confirmed that the cheesy front-swept hair and bangs makeover he debuted in a Jan. 2 IG stories photo was in fact Photoshopped and not the real deal, as his normal close-cropped cut was seen in the current stories. material.

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Shows Buff Body In Gym Video & Pic – Hollywood Life
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