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Gisele Bunchen & Daughter Vivian Recreate ‘Vogue’ Horseback Pics – Hollywood Life

Is Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s only daughter Vivian following in her supermodel mom’s career path? She just recreated one of the Brazilian beauty’s iconic fashion shoots while aboard a horse.

It looks like there’s a budding supermodel in the making, but right now she’s only eight-years-old. Gisele Bundchen shared a side by side of a high fashion shoot aboard a horse that she did at age 20 for Vogue, along with one her daughter Vivian Brady — her only daughter with NFL superstar husband Tom Brady — doing the same pose. The 40-year-old shared the side-by-side snapshots — along with standalone pictures — to her Instagram on Jan. 12, showing how Vivi is growing into Gisele’s mini-me. You can see the photos here.

On the left side of the frame, Gisele appeared lying backwards while bareback atop a black stallion. She rested her head on the back of the horse, while her famed golden tresses cascaded down its leg. Gisele arched her back in the air, while her legs casually draped off either side of the animal. She wore a daring white satin gown with criss-cross body cutouts, which was the only main difference between the year 2000 photo and the 2021 picture she snapped of Vivian recreating the shot.

Gisele Bundchen and mini-me daughter Vivian Brady celebrate Tom Brady’s Super Bowl LI win on February 5, 2017 with the New England Patriots. Photo credit: MEGA.

Vivian could be seen laying atop a brown and white horse, with a gorgeous green field and trees behind her. She had her head rested against the back of the animal just like her mama, and is blessed with Gisele’s long, flowing blonde locks. Vivian’s hair matched her mom’s Vogue throwback exactly in how her tresses flowed down the back of her horse’s leg.

Gisele’s mini-me even has her posing on point, as she arched her back up in the air and off of the horse, just like in her mom’s high fashion photo. Her arm and leg rested in the same spots along the horse’s body as Gisele’s did in her throwback picture. The only big difference was that Vivian still dressed like an eight-year-old, wearing a pair of tan riding leggings tucked into boots with pastel rainbow colors on them. She paired it with a pink t-shirt with small dark stars across it. Mother and daughter already look so much alike, as seen in the below photo while meditating on the beach together.

Gisele wrote in the caption, “Having a flashback from 20 year ago with my sweet little angel #tbt #2001-2021.” Her fans couldn’t stop gushing about how Vivian is going to follow in her famous supermodel footsteps…or in Gisele’s case, her catwalk horse strut. User @aimeemadureira wrote, “Mini top model” in the comments, while @carla.gr8 asked, “@gisele like mother like daughter. Is she a top model in the making?” Fan @rae_lot gushed, “Gorgeous mom and daughter,” while @resebutter told Gisele, “She is a mini you.” Fans should know in about seven years if Vivian is Gisele 2.0 the model, as the Brazilian beauty was just 15-years-old when she walked in her first New York Fashion Week show. Three short years later, Gisele landed her first American Vogue cover in 1999 at the age of 18.

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Gisele Bunchen & Daughter Vivian Recreate ‘Vogue’ Horseback Pics – Hollywood Life
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