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Photos Of Him Through The Years – Hollywood Life

Happy birthday to the one and only Zac Efron! Zac was a young teen when he got his start in Hollywood, and he’s come quite a long way since those days.

Zac Efron is celebrating his 33rd birthday on Oct. 18. In honor of the big day, we’re taking a trip down memory lane and looking back at some of the memorable moments from his career, which has already spanned more than 15 years. Of course, Zac has gone through a lot since then, and he’s rocked a number of different looks through the years. It’s quite a transformation!

Zac got his big break when he starred as the hunky, but sensitive, Troy Bolton in the first High School Musical movie in 2006. Girls all over the world immediately fell in love with him, and it helped catapult him into quite the handsome heartthrob. Over the years, he’s starred in a mixture of rom-coms and serious movies, which have required him to show off a number of different looks.

Zac Efron during the early days of his career in the 2000s. (AP Images)

From shaggy hair, to short, dark locks, to bleach-blonde hair, Zac has had quite a few hairstyles over the years. Plus, his style has emerged in a big way as he’s grown from an adolescent boy into a man. Of course, the biggest transformation, though, has been his body. Zac is super into fitness and staying active these days, and he hasn’t been afraid to show off his buff body over the years. He stripped down at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards after winning the honor for Best Shirtless Performance, and he was absolutely ripped when he starred in 2017’s Baywatch.

zac efron
Zac Efron attends a red carpet event in 2019. (AP Images)

Zac is incredibly private about his personal life, and we don’t often get a glimpse into his every day activities on social media. However, he’s made enough public appearances over the years with varying looks, so fans have been able to keep an eye on his transformation.

It’s hard to believe how far Zac has come from the High School Musical days! Scroll through the gallery above to check out photos of Zac from 2004 until now to see just how much he’s changed!

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Photos Of Him Through The Years – Hollywood Life
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