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Municipality of Argyle warden worried about safety of residents amid ongoing fishery tensions

The warden of the Municipality of Argyle says he’s worried about the safety of residents after a suspicious fire destroyed a lobster pound in Middle West Pubnico, N.S., early Saturday, amid ongoing tensions between commercial fishermen and Mi’kmaw fishers.

“When violence like that happens, it doesn’t always just mean property,” Danny Muise told Radio-Canada on Sunday morning. 

“One of these days, something tragic is going to happen because the tension is getting worse and worse as it goes on, and as long as it goes on, you have to be more and more concerned about the safety of the residents.”

The fire in Middle West Pubnico broke out at one of two facilities raided and vandalized by commercial fishermen in southwest Nova Scotia earlier this week protesting the “moderate livelihood” fishery launched by Sipekne’katik First Nation last month. Mi’kmaw fishers were storing their catches at the facilities.

Sipekne’katik Chief Mike Sack said on Saturday morning that the fire in Middle West Pubnico was “very bad news to wake up to.” He reiterated his call to the federal government “to step in and make sure safety is ensured.”

The scene Saturday morning after a lobster pound burned to the ground in Middle West Pubnico, N.S., overnight, severely injuring one man. The RCMP are investigating. (Taryn Grant/CBC)

Later Saturday, federal Public Safety Minister Bill Blair confirmed that he approved a request to increase RCMP resources “as needed in that jurisdiction in order to keep the peace,” amid criticism that Ottawa had not done enough to protect community members.

Provincial RCMP spokesperson Sgt. Andrew Joyce told CBC News on Sunday that there is now an increased police presence in southwestern Nova Scotia, including an emergency response team, a critical incident command team and officers from Prince Edward Island who are trained in de-escalation and crowd control.

Sack said he is “grateful” for the extra officers.

“While I believe some of the damage, destruction, racist behaviour, harassment and intimidation could have been addressed much earlier as we had repeatedly requested a greater police presence to protect our people and operations, we remain thankful for any and all support we receive,” he said in a statement Saturday evening.

Tensions over fishing rights

Tensions have been simmering for weeks in the province’s southwest, sparked by the launch of the Mi’kmaw fishery outside the federally mandated commercial season — 21 years after the Supreme Court of Canada ruled in the case of Donald Marshall Jr.

The landmark decision affirmed the Mi’kmaw right to earn a “moderate livelihood” from fishing. The court later said the federal government could regulate the Mi’kmaw fishery but must justify any restrictions it placed on it.

WATCH | Fire engulfs lobster pound: 

Municipality of Argyle warden worried about safety of residents amid ongoing fishery tensions

This video posted to Twitter around 1:30 a.m. shows the building in flames 0:35

Many commercial lobster fishermen say they consider the new Sipekne’katik fishery in St. Marys Bay illegal and worry that catching lobster outside the mandated season, particularly during the summer spawning period, will negatively impact stocks.

Sipekne’katik officials have said the amount of lobster that will be harvested and sold is tiny compared with what’s caught during the commercial season, which begins in late November and runs until the end of May.

They say the fishery was launched after the band was unable to find common ground with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans on the definition of “moderate livelihood.”

“This has been going on for 21 years and they’ve never been able to … tell us what a moderate livelihood means,” Muise said.

Calls on Ottawa to find a solution

Muise joins other groups and people — including the Sipekne’katik First Nation, commercial fishers, Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil and opposition parties — who are calling on the Department of Fisheries and Oceans to properly define a “moderate livelihood.”

In an interview with CBC News on Sunday morning, Sack said he is optimistic that an increased police presence will help ease tensions, but he’s anxious to resolve the situation through discussions with the federal government and commercial fishers.

Municipality of Argyle warden worried about safety of residents amid ongoing fishery tensions
Chief Mike Sack called for better protection for Mi’kmaw fishers after two lobster pounds were attacked Tuesday night and a building burned to the ground early Saturday. More RCMP officers have now been sent to the area. (CBC)

“I think that their concern for the fishery would have to take place with the government as well,” Sack said.

“And we’re willing to help bring them up to speed where our plan is at and how it would look and to help them understand our treaty right to be here…. Anyone that is willing to hear our story and learn from us and vice versa, we’re willing to do that.”

RoseAnne Comeau, who lives in the Middle West Pubnico area, said the increased number of RCMP officers is a welcome sight.

“It is very unsafe for the people. I mean, this fire that broke out, it was close to the houses and anything could have happened,” she said Sunday. “We never slept.  I don’t live far from here and we could hear the boom, like there were two booms, and I knew [there] was something going on.”

Municipality of Argyle warden worried about safety of residents amid ongoing fishery tensions
RoseAnne Comeau lives in the Middle West Pubnico, N.S., area. (Radio-Canada)

Comeau said she wasn’t surprised by the fire, and she hopes the police in the area will help quiet the situation.

“We don’t want this to happen. They have to settle this once and for all.”

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Municipality of Argyle warden worried about safety of residents amid ongoing fishery tensions
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