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Xiaomi: Samsung beats Xiaomi to become number 1 smartphone brand in India: Report – Latest News

NEW DELHI: Smartphone major Samsung is back at No. 1 position in India’s smartphone market. As per a latest report by Counterpoint, Samsung has recaptured the top spot in India. Samsung lost the top position to Xiaomi in the second half of 2017. The company, the report says, has reached its highest market share in India since 2018.

“…in July and August, Samsung rebounded as India recovered from a nationwide lockdown. Samsung has now reached its highest market share in India since 2018 by adopting an aggressive online channel strategy to benefit from opportunities arising due to anti-China sentiments in the country,” says the report

Globally, Samsung has beaten Huawei to regain number one spot with a total market share of 22%. This is 2% greater than the company’s 20% share in April, 2020. Huawei’s market share, on the other hand, declined to 16% in August, 2020 from 21% in April, 2020. The Chinese telecom giant is expected to further lose its market share due to US trade restrictions.

Same may not be true for another Chinese brand Xiaomi which, according to the report, is showing a significant increase in its market share in Central Eastern Europe. It appears that Huawei’s loss is Xiaomi’s gain in the region.

Global market share of Apple remained the same in April and August 2020. The company accounted for 12% of the global smartphone market. With the launch of iPhone 12 series on October 13, the sales are expected to rise for Apple in November this year.

This article is sourced from timesofindia

Xiaomi: Samsung beats Xiaomi to become number 1 smartphone brand in India: Report - Latest News
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