Home News Jaishankar: Ties ‘profoundly disturbed’ by Galwan clashes | India News

Jaishankar: Ties ‘profoundly disturbed’ by Galwan clashes | India News

NEW DELHI: India-China relations have been “profoundly disturbed” by the Galwan clashes in June in eastern Ladakh, said S Jaishankar, external affairs minister on Friday.
Speaking at an Asia Society event on a virtual platform, Jaishankar said, the Galwan clashes, which saw casualties on both sides, had a huge impact on political and popular perceptions of China in India.
Over the past three decades, he said, India and China had built a relationship “and a basis for building that relationship has been peace and tranquillity along the Line of Actual Control.”
He said there are multiple agreements, starting from 1993, which created the framework for that peace and tranquillity, which limited the military forces that came to the border areas, how to manage the border, how border troops behave when they approach each other.
“So, from the conceptual level down to the behavioural level, there was an entire sort of framework out there. Now, what we saw this year was a departure from this entire series of agreements. The massing of large amount of Chinese forces on the border was clearly contrary to all of this.
“And when you had friction point which was large number of troops at different points very close to each other, then something tragic like what happened on 15th of June happened,“ he said.
“To underline the enormity of that, it was the first military casualty we had after 1975. So what it has done is, it has obviously had a very deep public impact, very major political impact and it has left the relationship profoundly disturbed,” the external affairs minister said.

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Jaishankar: Ties ‘profoundly disturbed’ by Galwan clashes | India News
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