Well while the universe is taking a break, we should too. The entire world is dealing with this pandemic. While it becomes our foremost duty towards our own selves as well towards the society as a whole that we take care of ourselves and contribute to the greater good by staying at our wonderful homes. This time, however, could be used effectively to improve our lives for the better. Here are a few suggestions on how you can keep yourself engaged and entertained.

reading while at home

Reading : We have often wanted to read much more than we can. This might be exactly the time to spend on quality reading. Also with the level of stress that we are all dealing with at the moment, reading can help lift off some of the stress. The suggestive reads at this point of time could be mostly the self-help books, books on spirituality and others.


Gardening : Another activity that can lower the stress level and also bring us close to mother earth. We will also be contributing to a healthy environment by planting more trees. Why not use this time setting up a small kitchen garden. Learning to grow our own food.


Meditation : We really need to calm down and release ourselves of the stress. Our mind and body both need to be in a good balance to cope up with the on-going scenario. Meditation could be a wonderful way to release all the pent up stress and negative energy.


Work out : Exercise at home: While most of us aren’t able to find time to go to the gym every day due to our busy schedule. The time could be used at starting a new habit of working out at home. There are many videos available online for home work out. Also practicing yoga can be very helpful. Let’s step up towards being healthier.

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Cooking : Many of us enjoy cooking but are not up to it, due to time constraints. Cooking can be meditative too for some people. This could be the right time to try out healthier home-cooked dishes and enjoy it with family.


Cleaning : Staying clean and keeping our houses cleaner has become a prerequisite. The times we have on our hands could be used to clean out places at home we often don’t pay attention to normally. Having a cleaner environment is therapeutic.

Hobbies and games

Hobbies and Games : Learning to play a guitar through online classes or painting, even cross-stitching. Let’s spend more time on things we love doing. Playing games such as chess scrabble with family.


Netflix and chill : Well you could binge-watch your favorite shows. Watching your favorite movies with the family can make you happy.

We are going through a rather difficult phase. As a community let’s help each other by social distancing and spending more quality time with ourselves. We request you to take care of yourself and your families that is the least we can do to help the world. Drink more water, stay healthy stay clean.

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