Women Health: Complete Checklist of Preventive Check-ups

women health
women health

As per statistics, it is majorly seen that women are the caretakers of their homes and families. While times are changing, women still majorly carry their duties of taking care of their families as compared to the ratio of men. While women are majorly involved in making sure that the health of each of their family member is well, they usually ignore their own health, not treating it as important. The bodies of women go through different phases – pregnancy, menopause, which also leads to various hormonal imbalances. Here is a complete list of the important health screening that a women should go through from time to time to ensure their own well-being. If you can’t take care of yourself, how will you take care of your family?

  • General health examination: An overall health check-up is mandatory from time to time. Getting your blood pressure checked. Examination of recurring flues (if any), maintaining good eating habits, keeping weight in check. Checking cholesterol levels regularly. Blood Sugar test should be conducted too. Working on better immunity as recommended by your doctor is necessary.
  • Breast cancer examination: Every woman in her thirties should start viewing mammography as an important health screening. It is recommended to have a mammography once a year to avoid any bigger issues later.
  • Cervical cancer examination: A pap smear test is must every three years to rule out the possibility of presence of any kind of cancer cells in the cervix. In certain cases an HPV screening can be conducted too.
  • Hormonal Imbalances: Women go through monthly menstrual cycles. An imbalance in hormones can cause PCOD, weight gain and other physical issues. Blood tests should be conducted to check for different hormones such as thyroid(TSH, t3, t4 ), prolactin, FSH, Estrogen 1-2-3, DHEA etc
  • Bone Density: Osteoporosis is again a very common condition that occurs in women after a certain age due to decreased level of bone density. Proper exercising and good eating habits such as foods rich in calcium and magnesium may help to avoid any kind of bone loss.
  • Dental, ear and eye examination: teeth sensitivity, cavities and other such problems should be dealt with from time to time. Proper measures should be taken on doctor’s recommendation. Regular ear cleaning and eye check-ups are a must to avoid serious problems such as cataract, glaucoma.
  • Mental health examination: depression and anxiety have also become a major trend in today’s time. Visiting a psychotherapist if there is any kind of mental stress is essential.
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